Prequalification Doc Certification of Vendors/Installers/Support Companies for Installation of Wind andSolar PV Systems for Web Metering up to 250 kW potential

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1. Introduction ................................................................................................................. 3
one.1 Qualifications on Internet Metering .................................................................................. 4
1.two Overview of Present Regulatory Surroundings for Net Metering in Pakistan .......... five
one.3 Current Standing of Utilizing Internet Metering in Pakistan ....................................... six
one.four Net Metering Advertising Method......................................................................... 6
METERING Routine ....................................................................................................... 8
2.1 Privileges with the Licensed Venders/Installers/Service Suppliers ............................. 8
two.2 Purpose of Qualified Venders/Installers/Service Vendors ............................................ 8
Distributors/ Source/Provider Providers ............................................................. eleven
four. Process CERTIFICATE FOR Photo voltaic PV / WIND Procedure INSTALLERS
.................................................................................................................................... thirteen Submission of Documents..................................................................................... thirteen
four.two Evaluation of Documents ...................................................................................... 141. Introduction
Enhancement of other and Renewable Strength (ARE) based distributed era on
net-metering is getting considered as a good and possible technique of giving relief in
latest Electricity crises. The principle of Internet-metering has become effectively implemented in
several nations around the world round the globe and continues to be recognized as The most promising
software of photo voltaic Electricity specifically. To facilitate prompt advertising of captive and Web
metering concepts, governments of various nations have introduced numerous coverage
measures, current market mechanisms and incentives for the shoppers.
International practical experience indicates that advertising of net metering has resulted in making massive
proportion on the domestic, commercial and industrial sector electricity individuals self-reliant
in meeting their electrical energy needs. The worldwide Photo voltaic PV Sector Outlook 2016 implies that
share of solar PV dependent net metering installations are important contributors in the overall solar PV
capability mounted in the vast majority of countries. This share in various international locations is: Germany
73%, Italy 78%, China 70%, United states seventy eight%, Japan 63%, Spain 15%, Austria 90%, India 23% and so forth.
Many market place mechanisms and incentives are now being announced by these governments to
endorse Internet metering at individuals‟ amount.
Internet metering based photo voltaic programs not simply lessen the load above the countrywide grid but
also assistance in escalating In general era ability, lessening gas import Invoice, reducing
emissions of greenhouse gases and strengthening the national grid by minimizing line losses
and raising significant deployment of solar apps. Extra economic Rewards like
generation of position options, creating producing foundation and advancement of allied
industries have also been expert globally. The Government of Pakistan (GoP) intends to
boost net metering during the place to generate electrical power within the load centers, handle
raising electrical power need, preserve Electricity and to create ecosystem friendly
The moment propagated, the net metering will permit large proportion of your domestic, industrial,
agriculture and industrial sector electrical energy customers to satisfy key share of their energy
demands at their own individual and feed electrical power for the grid occasionally when It isn't needed by them. This
won't only reduce the stress to the national grid but may even aid in expanding In general
generation ability, decreasing gas import bill, reducing emissions of greenhouse gases and
strengthening the national grid by minimizing line losses and also rising significant
deployment. The facility sector might be benefitted by reduction while in the desire for electric power
and supporting a cleaner energy potential and lowering pressure about the grid‟s distribution
infrastructure that could also translate into lessening Vitality decline from transmitting voltage
more than very long distances.
Moreover staying helpful for The federal government and its electrical power solutions agencies, Internet metering
is likewise advantageous with the shoppers at the same time. The energy shoppers can get paid adhering to
by switching to Internet metering manner:I. Makes residential photo voltaic Electricity method possession much more interesting and cost-effective
For a lot of people. It could help you save homeowners Many rupees every year on their
utility expenses, and it would make the entire process of accounting for your energy flowing to and from
the utility more simple and easier to administer.
II. Financial Credit score for Further Solar Power Made by the Distributed Generator.
III. Excess electrical power now offsets electric power you should otherwise have to buy at complete
retail rates. This can make owning your very own creating technique more Charge
IV. Produces a host of societal Positive aspects for all ratepayers which have been typically not accounted
for through the utility analysis, together with: community overall health Rewards, employment and
downstream financial results, market cost impacts, grid security Added benefits, and water
Net Metering can be a get-earn option for all. The Federal Govt is hence intends to
aggressively advertise the concept all around the country. For that goal, the Federal
Governing administration has decided to have interaction private sector providers that will be Accredited for
putting in net metering based solar PV systems. This RFP is issued inviting interested
corporations to submit their proposals and credentials and acquire registered with AEDB as
certified installers.
one.1 Qualifications on Net Metering
Internet Metering is undoubtedly an incentive scheme for consumers of an electric grid relevant to Dispersed
Era, usually by renewable Strength sources. Internet Metering aims at maximizing
the utilization of a renewable technique set up at the consumer‟s premises by off-getting
power via the electric grid at hrs when the production of the process exceeds the
client‟s have intake. A purchaser who installs an on-web site renewable Vitality
generator, largely for lowering his own grid use, is currently permitted to offer any
surplus Electrical power models from his installation on the electric power grid. These units are recorded and
are later on “netted-off” (i.e., subtracted) towards the units eaten within the grid. During this
way, a Net Metering scheme supplies an incentive to buyers to setup decentralized
renewable Electrical power units because it presents them the certainty that they will get pleasure from any
energy produced in the process, both through personal use or by means of feeding
it in the grid.
On this scenario, a bi-directional electric meter is put between the consumer‟s connection
stage as well as grid and records any units drawn from the grid or fed into the grid.Figure 1: Usual Web-Metering Link: Usage - Technology = Billed
One more plan greatly deployed takes advantage of the Feed-in Tariff. In this type of process, an additional
meter is positioned immediately once the renewable Electrical power generation unit which is monitored by the
utility enterprise. This enables the utility company to monitor the electrical power developed and
supplied to the grid with the flexibleness to set a special tariff for these units. In the consumer
circumstance, this basically brings about the consumer possessing two individual connections Together with the utility
corporation: One for monitoring of renewable Electricity production and Yet another a person for recording
of energy consumed.
Feed-in Tariff schemes commonly supply more incentives such as long term order
agreements with guaranteed grid access. The target of this kind of scheme is to market investment decision
while in the renewable Vitality devices on a small to medium scale by using guaranteed returns.
Determine 2: Typical Feed-in Tariff Link: Use = Billed amount;
Era = Billed total
In Pakistan, Federal Government has authorized Net Metering and encouraging consumers in
domestic, industrial, industrial and agriculture sector to setup solar PV and wind dependent
methods at their premises / rooftops and hook up with the method in their involved distribution
business (DISCO) for net metering.
one.2 Overview of Existing Regulatory Ecosystem for Net Metering in Pakistan
NEPRA declared Nationwide Electric Power Regulatory Authority (Different & Renewable
Electrical power) Distributed Technology and Internet Metering Polices, 2015, vide S.R.O 812
(1)/2015, on September 1, 2016 (Restrictions). With this, NEPRA has authorized and put into
influence net metering schemes for solar and wind era of around 1MW. According to theRegulations, Internet metering regime would allow for prospects with a three-period electricity
relationship to receive financial Gains by offsetting no less than a part of their electrical power expenditures by
building electric power. The process for Web metering is comprised of 5 techniques which includes:
one) submission of software by the consumer,
two) complex overview of application by DISCO,
3) signing of Internet metering arrangement,
4) payment of interconnection expenses by The patron,
five) sale/order of electricity.
Beneath the Net Metering routine, a meter able to recording electric power flows in both of those directions
(bi-directional) will probably be used. This type of meter records readings when shoppers are drawing
electrical power through the utility‟s grid (that may be, using far more Vitality than They're producing) as well as
when energy is distributed to your grid (which is, employing fewer Vitality than They may be generating). Even so,
there is also provision that two independent meters may be mounted which independently history
inflow and outflow of electrical energy. The equilibrium of units (net of eaten from and feed in to
the grid) will likely be looked after immediately after each three months.
The scheme stated in the Restrictions also outlines the procedure under which, equally turbines
and distribution businesses, need to run, such as the timeline for approvals.
one.three Present-day Position of Applying Net Metering in Pakistan
The concept of Internet Metering is staying promoted all around the nation. AEDB along with
other stakeholders inside the private and non-private sector like NEPRA, NTDC, DISCOs, Ability
Division, Ministry of Power, FBR, Ministry of Science and Technologies, Ministry of
Commerce, Ministry of Industries, Provincial Federal government Departments, Renewable and
Different Energy Affiliation of Pakistan (REAP), Solar Quality Basis (SQF),
Pakistan Photo voltaic Association and many others. are promoting net metering in Pakistan. On account of
continual assistance and attempts by all stakeholders, to date, NEPRA has issued 191 era
licenses of approx. cumulative four.five MW photo voltaic PV for Internet metering connections.
one.4 Internet Metering Advertising Program
The Power Division, Ministry of Power (MoE) wishes to promote set up of Dispersed
Technology Programs on Web metering (DG Amenities) while in the state. In this regard, a different
buyer friendly method for installation of solar energy technology methods for dispersed
generation (DG) facilities has actually been introduced beneath the Net-Metering framework authorised
by NEPRA for DG methods up to 250 KW with the objective of advertising and marketing clean Strength,
introducing time-effective procedure, ensuring adherence to NEPRA‟s Distribution Code and
AEDB‟s good quality expectations and shielding individuals from substandard provider delivery.
According to the procedure devised by MoE, only Qualified and empaneled sellers/ provider providers
will likely be qualified available, installation and repair of PV photo voltaic panel centered ability generationsystems of nearly 250kW for dispersed era (DG) facilities connected by way of netmeters for the distribution grid. Option Power Development Board (AEDB) has long been
mandated to invite apps from perfectly reputed and competent sellers/installers/company
providers for certification by AEDB for installation of Dispersed Era Amenities at
premises of intrigued customers around Pakistan in accordance Together with the provisions in the
Federal Government Procedures and NEPRA (Alternative and Renewable Power) Dispersed
Technology and Net Metering Restrictions, 2015.two. CERTIFICATION OF INSTALLERS OF SOLAR PV Devices FOR Web
The MoE has sought after that AEDB shall short-checklist skilled/ certified suppliers/installers/service
providers and provides a panel of distributors/installers/support vendors to each DISCO for Show
on websites of DISCOs and AEDB. Only this panel of Accredited suppliers/installers/support
companies is going to be suitable available for purchase, installation and repair of PV solar panel based electric power
generation units for Internet metering all over Pakistan around 250kW.
MoE has even more directed the listing well prepared by AEDB of Accredited
suppliers/installers/service companies shall have their total Get in touch with specifics in conjunction with quantity
and electricity (Watts) of connections/ programs they have got productively presented. The listing shall be
in descending purchase on The premise of electrical power (wattage). AEDB has become specified to watch
and ensure that the qualifications are properly exhibited on DISCOs‟ Sites. The
shopper(s)/applicant(s) will likely have totally free preference of choosing any of your
distributors/installers/service vendors Qualified by AEDB. Privileges to the Certified Suppliers/Installers/Assistance Companies
The Accredited suppliers/installers/support suppliers will take pleasure in pursuing privileges because of
their certification/registration with AEDB:
one. Only AEDB Accredited vendors/installers/support suppliers shall be eligible for
providing set up/ commissioning providers for Web metering connections nearly 250
2. Particulars and speak to aspects on the Qualified installers shall be printed on AEDB‟s
Web-site and DISCOs‟ Sites and will be exhibited at other print or social networking
with endorsement as AEDB‟s Qualified installers.
3. General general public and community / non-public sector companies shall be encouraged to seek
companies from Qualified installers only.
4. A suggestion letter to the general public sector corporations recommending the
set up of wind or photo voltaic PV systems with the Licensed installers.
5. Shoppers are expected to get increased self-confidence in Accredited installers because of the critical
conditions of The shopper arrangement and certification by AEDB.
two.2 Routines to get undertaken because of the Qualified Suppliers/Installers/Support Companies
The Federal Govt foresees that each certified seller/installer/service company shall:
a) Keep to the provisions from the AEDB (Certification) Regulations, 2017, Regular
Functioning Treatments for Certification of sellers/installers/assistance suppliers for Web
Metering approximately 250 kW (SOPs) and Internet-Metering Reference Information For Electric power
Customer and Installers (all paperwork are offered at AEDB Web page; SOPs are attached as Appendix-I to this document);
b) Undertake „solar PV systems with Web metering‟ advertising routines for building
public recognition, such as road demonstrates, distributing flyers, taking part in exhibitions,targeting industries/ academic institutions/ enterprises, independently as well as
collectively for marketing of Web metering throughout Pakistan. If required, also participate
while in the education workshops and seminars;
c) Coordinate and work with DISCOs, NEPRA and AEDB to extend The online metering
connections portfolio in any respect buyers‟ concentrations around nation;
d) Work as a single cease shop and supply providers to The purchasers to approach their
programs for Web metering from start off till the energization of net metering
connections up to 250 kW.
e) Enter right into a consumer arrangement right before enterprise any set up is effective or
provision of related companies to the customer. The format of The client agreement is
readily available in AEDB (Certification) Polices, 2017. Compliance with warranties and
other conditions and terms established out in The client agreement shall be considered being an
obligation imposed on these types of Qualified installer underneath The client settlement and these
file) Assure compliance with warranties and high-quality/ protection benchmarks for machines and
installation, as specified by AEDB (Net-Metering Reference Guideline For Electric power
Shopper And Installers as offered on AEDB Internet site and
g) Make certain compliance to the necessities as net metered solar specified by NEPRA in its Rules for
net metering;
h) Offer following sale services for the duration of at least a person 12 months to The client for
Procedure and maintenance on the solar PV process/ Internet metering technique set up at
purchaser(s)‟ facility. Make certain observe-up with buyers for clean performing with the
installed solar / Web metering procedure. Also coordinate with DISCOs for resolution of
issues regarding metering on precedence;
i) Remain readily available for responding towards the queries/observations/complaints, if any because of the
two.3 Soliciting Desire of Providers for Certification
AEDB has consequently decided to solicit the desire of sellers/installers/company providers to
submit their apps along with all the knowledge and documents (duly attested) According to
Option Electricity Advancement Board (Certification) Regulations, 2017 and along with a
spend get of Rs. five,000/- (Rupees 5 Thousand), non-refundable while in the title of Alternate
Electrical power Fund (AEF), as processing charge. Certification of distributors/installers/support providers
might be selected The idea of responsiveness to your eligibility criteria/ requirement as
laid out in this document. AEDB reserves the proper to accept or reject all or any apps
for certification in line with Option Energy Progress Board (Certification)
Laws, 2017. AEDB reserves the legal rights to terminate the certification course of action without
any prior observe at any phase.
The application in complete kind and in compliance to all prerequisites mentioned With this
document must achieve AEDB Head office, Islamabad by November 29, 2017. Theapplications should be dealt with to CEO, AEDB. For almost any query, remember to Speak to the Business office of
Secretary, AEDB at subsequent:
Choice Power Improvement Board
2nd Floor, OPF Constructing, G-five/2
Ph. No. 051-9222360-sixty one
Incomplete programs won't be entertained and won't be processed. Any
misinformation, Phony and cast statement will bring about disqualification from remaining Qualified/
pre-certified and every other motion as per the applicable law.3. ELIGIBILITY Standards FOR CERTIFICATION/ PRE-QUALIFICATION
The sellers/services providers/companies/ joint ventures (possessing potential to provide the whole
offer of companies including study, design and style, source of apparatus/ products, set up &
commissioning and submit installation back again up help viz-a-viz operation & servicing
products and services for comprehensive program) with the next toughness/ qualifications will be eligible for
certification, which can be for a period of a single yr and renewed on a yearly basis dependant on
satisfactory functionality:
i. Will need to have an Business in Pakistan and also have/ ready to determine at the least a person (one) suboffice/ dealership/ just after income service Middle from the region of your DISCO where it
intends to carry out business enterprise;
ii. Has to be registered with PEC in suitable group pertinent to the value of your
Will work and with Specialization codes like 1210 (Renewable Vitality resources and
Units), 1220 (Electrical power Setting up conservation and progress);
iii. Must be registered with Cash flow Tax and Income Tax Departments (Connect NTN & STN
Registration Certificates supported by Energetic NTN& STN);
iv. Need to have neighborhood presence (in the event of international business). Proof of meaningful partnership
with an area PEC registered consulting firm (s) might be expected in the shape of JV
v. Have to be in photo voltaic business for last a few many years;
vi. Must have experience of finishing photo voltaic methods (on-grid or off-grid) ideally
set up of at the very least ten solar run systems through final a few (03) decades (Attach
subsequent documents to justify the knowledge declare):
(a) Listing of finished and on-heading initiatives with place, components, sizing/scope,
Value, period and share/ role (in the event of Three way partnership)
(b) List of Clients
(c) Form of Solar methods set up
(d) Any added doc to assist relevant experience
vii. Must have stock of photo voltaic equipment as per specifications & specs approved
by NEPRA and AEDB;
viii. Need to have minimal regular once-a-year turnover of Rs. 3 million (Attach appropriate
doc like audited monetary statements, tax declaration/ returns etc.). The audited
money statements/experiences of Worldwide organizations applying as JV companion has to be
verified throughout the international Workplace of the respective providers of origin of the
Intercontinental corporations;
ix. Have to present affidavit confirming that (a) applicant seller/support service provider/organization/
three way partnership have never been blacklisted by any governing administration Division. (if ever
black listed, then provide the situation historical past, latest position on the agency with regards to this
selection) (b) all the knowledge furnished by the applicant business/ joint venture are
suitable (c) the business will provide compatible solar products as per approvedstandards & specs and (d) the agency will deploy staff as per task
x. Should connect an unconditional lender ensure in favour of AEDB amounting to Rs.
one,000,000/- (Rupees A million Only) as per format provided by AEDB;
xi. Charge composition for shortlisted applicant will likely be as beneath:
1. Just one time Certification Charge hundred,000/-
two. Annual Renewal Rate Rs.fifty,000/-
xii. Certification of the vendor/services supplier/organization/ joint venture shall be cancelled/
revoked by NEPRA on violation of NEPRA (Alternate and Renewable Energy)
Distributed Technology and Internet Metering Restrictions, 2015 OR violation of AEDB
top quality specifications, defrauding/ dishonest a client/ violation of your agreement/
settlement with the customer. The financial institution promise submitted to AEDB will be
encashed forthwith and The seller/service provider/organization/ joint venture shall continue being
black-shown for two a long time.four. Treatment CERTIFICATE FOR Photo voltaic PV / WIND Technique
AEDB has made a decision to invite purposes from properly reputed and qualified
vendors/installers/support providers for certification by AEDB for the goal said previously mentioned.
To approach apps in the interested suppliers/installers/provider vendors, AEDB has
geared up SOPs as positioned at Appendix-I to this document. The SOPs supplies for an account
how programs are going to be invited/processed And exactly how certification process is going to be done.
The SOPs also state system for post certification. Submission of Paperwork
Interested corporations/ Joint Ventures are asked for to submit their proposals/apps together
with next paperwork According to AEDB (Certification) Rules, 2017 and knowledge as
sought According to SOP while in the Workplace of Main Govt Officer, AEDB, Islamabad. The interested
firms/ Joint Ventures may perhaps acquire additional info and pre-qualification document from
Workplace with the undersigned over the Functioning hours.
 Software variety (out there on AEDB‟s website)
 Authority letter/ board resolution together with the copy of CNIC/passport with the
 Applicant‟s profile
 Company‟s certification of incorporation or registered partnership deed (as relevant)1
 Pakistan Engineering Council (PEC) registration certification in appropriate classes
pertinent for renewable Vitality and Electricity scheduling. Specialized codes as specified by
PEC for organizations in solar PV / wind techniques include things like:
o EE-eleven (Typical electrical works & photo voltaic system)
o ME-07 (Typical mechanical will work & solar process)
 NTN registration certification
 Revenue tax registration certificate
 In case of a world business planning to undertake projects under a joint venture
with regional businesses, details of instruments/ agreements/ files in this regard
 List of workers along with CVs of solar/wind specialists (engineers and specialists)
which demonstrates adequate suitable working experience
 Resume of countrywide and Intercontinental trainings and certifications received from the
applicant and/ or its workforce in photo voltaic PV / wind systems (on-grid, off-grid, hybrid
and so forth.)
 List of business regular program, resources, gear and the like owned or utilized by the
 Copies of audited money reviews to the lesser of 3 years along with the period of
functions of your applicant; furnished that, in which up-to-date audited economical stories
AEDB will likely have a choice to the installers to generally be company entities to make certain public availability in their
documents and their regulationare not available, then current management accounts duly Licensed from the Main
govt office in case of the organization or by controlling companion in case of the
partnership organization or every other very similar designation
 Copy of bank statements duly confirmed by the issuing bank with the lesser of a few decades
along with the period of operations in the applicant; delivered that, exactly where the applicant is just not
the corporation or partnership business, then the lender statement during the title of applicant‟s
business enterprise duly confirmed through the issuing bank for a similar period
 Element of assignments executed in photo voltaic PV / wind methods (on-grid, off-grid, hybrid) as
for every proforma at Annex-I
 Soon after revenue products and services mechanism/ methodology and detail of immediately after income support staff,
plan for solutions / repairs / replacements
 Deposit non-refundable application processing payment by way of pay back get or lender challan
in the identify of “Alternative Electricity Fund.
 Details of project systems installed
four.two Analysis of Documents
The evaluation of proposals might be carried out on The idea of applicant company(s)/joint
enterprise(s) responsiveness for the eligibility standards/ prerequisite. The procedure for certification
is explicitly mentioned within the SOPs. Any misinformation, Untrue and solid assertion submitted by
the applicant company(s)/joint venture(s) will lead to disqualification from being shortlisted/ prequalified and almost every other action as per the applicable regulation.
The applications / proposals in the applicant organization(s)/three way partnership(s) will likely be evaluated dependent
on requirements According to AEDB (Certification) Polices, 2017 as reproduced down below:
Sr. Conditions Body weight
Enlistment for a company with PEC in appropriate classification suitable to the worth
of your will work. Correct specialization codes include things like:
(i) EE11 Basic Electrical Will work & Photo voltaic Method
(ii) ME07 Common Mechanical Functions and Solar Program
two. Encounter of solar/wind project installations twenty
three. Capabilities/expertise of crucial staff/ team on payroll ten
4. Audited economic reports/ financial institution assertion twenty
5. After sales solutions period, warranty time period, methodology of products and services/
repairs/ replacements and abilities of soon after profits providers staff twenty
6. Application, specialised gear and technological capabilities with the business five
seven. Intercontinental certifications obtained as photo voltaic/wind installer ten
eight. Quantity of solar/wind installations which have been linked to the grid 05
The passing marks for the suitable applicant will probably be 70. On the other hand, the qualifying applicant
shall have to protected at least sixty% marks in each of the above mentioned mentioned requirements from

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